Jill Baroff, Frank Gerritz, Stefana McClure.:'TIME SHIFT SINGLUAR FORMS ( SOMETIMES REPEATED)' Bartha Contemporary, London till Aug 28 2015

Image of Bartha Contemporary exhibition with review by Drenched Co

See http://www.barthacontemporary.com/exhibitions/time-shift/

"I was mesmerised by Baroff's fragile reductive vocabulary and McClure's halos" - JayZee

Image courtesy of Bartha Contemporary, London.

See also www.woundsthatbind.com

"I used to think we escaped time 
by disappearing into beauty.
Now I see it's the opposite.
Beauty reveals time."
-Drenched Co
From Anne Michaels. Poems. Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2001.

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