Exhibition Review - Jess Fuller:'Fairy Smoke' Herald St, London till Oct 4th 2015.

Image of  Herald St., London with Exhibition Review by DrenchedCo

Fuller's sorcery beguiles 
magic effluvia 
into dancing spirits and dirty socks 
before trapping them in  
miasmas of color and 
psychedelic washes. - Drenched Co

Comment: "Jess has certainly developed a new way to make paintings.  "- FaSa

See http://www.heraldst.com/jess-fuller

See also http://www.woundsthatbind.com/2015/09/exhibition-review-jess-fuller-fairy.html

Caption: Installation view - Herald Street;  A study in orange(2015); Lyre and lute,double pipe,clarinet (2015)
Image Courtesy of the artists and Herald Street London
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