Exhibition Review - Torey Thornton:'Kneed a Sea Ware Groin' Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London till Oct 3rd 2015.

Image of Modern Art/ Stuart Shave London with Art exhibition review by DrenchedCo

In his fiction, Thornton barbs 
his banks in vain 
against oceans of color and 
a sea of glory. - Drenched Co

Comment: " I saw prickly lines everywhere defending fields of color. Thornton is very young and very much in favour. He has a bright future ahead. "- Jayzee

Key: A rock wall perpendicular to a beach is called a groin, used to protect shorelines. Groins are no longer in favour. 

See http://www.modernart.net/view.html?id=1,4,1357,1329

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Caption: Torey Thornton, Kneed a Sea Ware Groin, Stuart Shave/Modern Art, exhibition view
Image Courtesy of the artist and Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London.
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