Exhibition Review - Group show:'The Big Blue' Ordovas, London till Dec 12th 2015.

Image of Ordovas Gallery London with Art exhibition review by Drenched Co

The  Big Blue's shattered surface
threatens a reckoning, 
cedes the horizon 
to crumble and flood the bottom 
of another plastic bag. 
Only hope lies with little Ross.- Drenched Co

Comment: " Dark visions of fragile oceans emanated strongly for me from the smallest piece in the exhibition (bottom right in image), a jigsaw in a ziplock by Felix Gonzalez-Torres (“Untitled” (Ross Scuba Diving)). It infected every other piece. You can see our folly and a reason for hope everywhere in this exhibition."- FaSa

Key: The swimmer in this little jigsaw painting is possibly the only guide to its reconstruction.

See http://www.ordovasart.com/exhibition/the-big-blue/

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Caption: The Big Blue installation view, Photography by Mike Bruce, Damien Hirst artwork © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd, all rights reserved. DACS 2015
Image Courtesy of the artists and Ordovas Gallery, London.
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