Exhibition Review - Ryan Gander: 'Fieldwork' Lisson Gallery, London till Oct 31st 2015.

Image of  Lisson Gallery, London with Art exhibition review by Drenched Co

Gander feels like I am on a trip to another question! - Drenched Co

Comment: "Ryan Gander's 'Field Work' is intriguing the way a partly hidden something is intriguing. He questions and obscures and violates and trips and then makes you laugh and feel smug, only if you find the time to immerse yourself in his art."- Jayzee

See http://www.lissongallery.com/exhibitions/ryan-gander

See also http://www.woundsthatbind.com/2015/10/exhibition-review-ryan-gander-fieldwork.html

Caption: Installation view, Lisson Gallery, London
Image Courtesy of the artist and  Lisson Gallery, London.
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