Exhibition Review - Sol Calero:'La Escuela del Sur’ A Studio Voltaire Commission, Studio Voltaire, London till Dec 6th 2015.

Image of Studio Voltaire, London with Art exhibition review by Drenched Co

By bringing to question the Utopian image 
of her country,  could Ms Calero 
be perpetuating it?  - Drenched Co

Comment: "Is it possible to represent a nation of people and their cultures with one set of colors, patterns, facades, images, dances, hairstyles and performances? But then is this not ultimately what Ms Calero is questioning?  "- Raj

See http://www.studiovoltaire.org/programmes/sol-calero-2/

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Caption: Pic Above: Installation View | Studio Voltaire London | Courtesy of the artist and Laura Bartlett Gallery London | Credit-Andy Keate
Courtesy of the artist and Laura Bartlett Gallery London and Studio Voltaire. Photo: Andy Keate. Curated by Jessica Vaughan,
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