Exhibition Review - Carl Andre, Leonor Antunes, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Walead Beshty, Geraldo de Barros, Lygia Clark, VALIE EXPORT, Luigi Ghirri, Robert Grosvenor, Imi Knoebel. Martin Kippenberger, Sol Lewitt, Nasreen Mohamedi, Jean-Luc Moulène, Ron Nagle, Catherine Opie, Gabriel Orozco, Man Ray, Alexander Rodchenko, Gabriel Sierra, Ricky Swallow, VKhUTEMAS Workshops , James Welling, Rachel Whiteread:'Blind Architecture' Thomas Dane Gallery, London till 23rd Jan 2016.

Image of Thomas Dane Gallery, London with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

"The hardest thing is to surround it, to fix its limit where it fades into the penumbra along its edge. To choose it from among the others, to separate it from the light that all shadows secretly, dangerously, breathe." - Drenched Co
-From  Julio Cortázar, ‘To Dress a Shadow’, in Around the Day in Eighty Worlds.

Comment: "For this exhibition I had to revisit the definition of architecture. Where lies its shores and what lays claim to its sovereign territories? Consider suggestions of architecture from sculpture and vice versa. I started looking for pieces within the show that did not fit, that for which it "will repulse the gesture that seeks to crown it with a long blonde wig.." How for instance does Sol LeWitt’s biographical cut-outs allude to architecture? And even more fascinating was for me the complicity of light and shadows in architecture, in photography and in this exhibition. Awesome! " - JayZee

See http://www.thomasdanegallery.com/exhibitions/122/works/

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Caption: Image above: Installation view  Blind architecture curated by Douglas Fogle   Thomas Dane Gallery, London  2016  
Image courtesy of the artists and studios and  Thomas Dane Gallery, London. Curated by Douglas Fogle
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