Exhibition Review - Helene Appel,Stuart Cumberland, Jack Lavender, Hannah Lees, Charles Mayton, Puppies Puppies, Oliver Sutherland, Hayley Tompkins and Holly White:'Is this living?' The Approach, London till 7th Feb 2016.

Image of The Approach, London with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

At The Approach, I encountered each work "as an unexpected object, a Pandora's box...produced and consumed with a peculiar curiosity, a kind of sacred relish." - Drenched Co.
( Excerpt from Roland Barthes' 'Writing Degree Zero)

Comment: "I entered this exhibition to a site of an explosion, emanating from Lavender's spent campfire, from which scattered the poetic potentialities of the word 'consumption'. And how fresh and messy a take! Is life worth living when colonised by ideas of production and consumption? Perhaps the exhibition also explores an oblique view on how food comes to rescue us from the demands of efficiency and profit. The activities of producing and consuming food shape us, our relationships and places care before commerce. See, for instance, champagne celebrations, communal campsites, social texture of kitchens etc.  Or am I reaching?" - FaSa

See http://theapproach.co.uk/exhibitions/is-this-living/press-release/

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Caption: Image above: Installation view    Is this living?   The Approach, London  2016  Photo: FXP Photography
Image courtesy of the artists and The Approach, London. Curated by Jack Lavender and Hannah Lees
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