Exhibition Review - Marita Fraser and Nancy Milner:'Ittenology' Rook & Raven, London till 5th March 2016.

Image of Rook & Raven, London with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

“To construct through color is to make an image; to destroy through color is to undo representation.” - Drenched Co.
(From 'Matisse' (1984) by Pierre Schneider)

Comment: " At Rook and Raven, I encountered a fascinating albeit somewhat lacklustre show, revisiting the modernist project through some colourful questions about figuration and abstraction. I believe Fraser and Milner work by eroding the support of the image through some modernist device or by imbuing abstraction with the insurgent materiality of flesh and language to examine and to re-energise the mix between representation and  abstraction ( as one leads back to the other and vice versa). Does the mix become unstable? No! Does it become more than the sum of its parts? Yes! I loved loved Fraser's Untitled (net)."- Raj

See http://www.rookandraven.co.uk/exhibitions/ittenology/

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