Exhibition Review - Willie Doherty: 'Loose Ends' Kerlin Gallery, Dublin till 19th Oct 2016.

Image of Kerlin Gallery, Dublin with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

Leach out the vapors, 
thaw time in forsaken places.
Wherever we remember,
it's far from history."
- Drenched Co.

Comment: "Doherty's videos are to me a re-telling of stories and events from a hundred years ago, a new  perspective on history that is a type of witnessing that is not testimony. The videos have a certain posthumous quality to them as they explore the past in a ghost like hallucination, not concerned about making any sense of it. Also Doherty films powerful subjects with violent histories, their intense disquiet having been absorbed and filtered into every frame of his videos, giving his signature restraint a certain penumbra of unexpected danger. I have watched these videos again and again!" - Raj

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Caption: Image above: Installation view  Willie Doherty©  Kerlin Gallery, Dublin 2016 
Image courtesy of the artists and Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.
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