Exhibition Review - Christina Mackie, Richard Gasper, Kira Freije, Penny Andrea: 'God's Finger', Kinman gallery, London till 20th Jan 2017.

Image of Kinman gallery, London with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

Act V - Putinescence"- Drenched Co.

Comment: "Imagine a bunch of artists finding the lost fifth and final act of Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible'. The one that is rumored to hint at the various hues of human forgetfulness and the fury of a returning orange Venus. Imagine that the artists have decided to get in on the act. The end of God's finger, 20th Jan 2017, will return America to its human sacrifices, to the mood and atmosphere of its Salem witch hunts and McCartyism.  Gasper fires the plot by bringing piles of dirt into the gallery, breaking into the landscapes that once expressed the qualities of moral grandeur and human destiny (the dirt is from Henry Moore Estates). Mackie's colors, used as a metaphor for knowledge, hint at the trouble many are having discerning facts, buried in layers of dirt. Freije’s sculpture is at once the unfolding comedy that is the youth left with a sinking ship, and an irreverent orange emperor, source of all sickness. Andrea finally provides the chatter and melancholia that accompanies this train wreck. It is, by all accounts, a dark foretelling." - FaSa

See http://kinmangallery.com/london/gods-finger

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Caption: Image above: Installation view  'God's Finger' at Kinman gallery, London.
Image courtesy of Kinman gallery, London. 

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