Exhibition Review - Anne Neukamp:'The Familiar Object' Marlborough Contemporary, New York till 24th June 2017.

Image of Marlborough Contemporary, New York with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

Take off your Anschauung for a second, 
i need to unlock you
 a fading charm for our craven misgivings."- Drenched Co.

Notes:  "Sometimes, I am in my day and an image appears in my mind. Is that the same for you too? It is usually just a shape I have seen. Floating. Untethered. No emotions. No immediate relevance to what I am doing or thinking. I might be cleaning my brushes or stepping into the shower and there it is. A recent one was the odd reflection off a spoon sitting in a bowl of half-eaten cereal my daughter had abandoned rushing to get out of the door to school. There was no bowl, no table, no daughter, just a spoon and the odd way it caught the light. Why that spoon? No idea. Occasionally the image will come nested in other things or half of some things that interfere with it. Odd milieu of colors and light and objects that says nothing and signify little. I sometime wonder if this odd imagery will be the last thing I see. A flash of impending uselessness of things catching my last breath. I wonder if Neukamp hasn't somehow found a way to capture it." - Raj

Caption: Image above: Installation view  Anne Neukamp   Marlborough Contemporary, New York  2017.
Image courtesy of artist and Marlborough Contemporary, New York 

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