Exhibition Review - Jean-Marie Appriou, Kasper Bosmans, Anna Glantz, Allison Katz, Caitlin Keogh, Rosa Loy, Lin May Saeed: 'Splendor Solis' at The approach, London till 23rd Sept 2018.

Image of The Approach, London with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

At Splendor Solis, 7 flasks boil and bubble,
into the ancient gravity of the generations."- Drenched Co.

Notes:  " In this group exhibition, 7 artists are guided by what W.B. Yeats once called 'the oldest of the aristocracies of thought' and 'the soil where all great art is rooted'. Folk art/lore is here an old map that becomes not as much an index but a way of relating to the world, allowing for crossed boundaries, layered perspectives and beautiful transgressions. The artists unfurl their maps, chart their esoteric affinities and  guided by the eponymous manuscript, erupt into alchemical processes of transformation, creation or combination. Myths thread, sensibilities unravel and we are left with unmapped, uneven terrains, hot-wiring a past with a present before breaking through into a rarefied plane. All very intriguing indeed!" - FaSa

See https://theapproach.co.uk/exhibitions/splendor-solis/images/

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Caption: Image above: Installation view  'Splendor Solis' The approach, London  2018.
Courtesy of the artists and The approach, London.

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