Exhibition Review - Yuki Nakayama: 'After the Rain' A.I. Gallery, London till 2nd June 2024.


Art exhibition review by Drenched Co - Yuki Nakayama at A.I. Gallery London.

“ludic shot full of lucid

slip of a thing thrown in the air

from this plane you never see her angle

outflanked with potential"

- Drenched Co.

Comment: "Nakayama's shapes of play     pylons in eroding gradients    strobed throws of material action     planes, angles, arcs and  maths in tosses, slides, elbows and faces      gamed wildness in grounded play      legs swinging at the edge of a swing into nothingness      what is dark matter?    gravity and visible matter in a dance     tiny beach-damp boxes open to an open sky     alternative spaces to a full brown daily humdrum      thrown pendulums, trespassing fulcrums and red-heavy delinquents      maths and protractors and ruled polygons with broken arches      song of a good fight in its rifts and roar, its slips and traverses.  

Nakayama's fascinating maps and models of a space where a special order reigns absolute, where an affinity between play and order makes it a 'consecrated space' of play 'rituals', makes me think that she is taking a snapshot of some material action of some kind of embodied practice - the shapes and patterns of an experiential order. I loved Sandbox #1 to #4 ( in picture)." - Raj

See https://a-i-gallery.com/exhibitions/56-after-the-rain-1a-tenter-ground-london-e1-7nh/overview/

See also https://www.soaked.space/2024/04/exhibition-review-yuki-nakayama-after.html

Caption: Image above: Installation view  Yuki Nakayama, A.I. Gallery London 2024

Image courtesy of the artist and A.I. Gallery, London. 

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