Exhibition Review - Paddy McCann: 'Black Quarter' The MAC, Belfast till Oct 18th 2015

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"I am for an art that takes its form
from the lines of life itself, 
that twists and extends and accumulates
and spits and drips, 
and is heavy and coarse and blunt and
sweet and stupid as life itself." 
- Drenched Co
(Taken from Claes Oldenburg's "I Am for an Art..." in Environments, Situations, Spaces (New York: Martha Jackson Gallery, 1961)).

Comment: "In researching this work, I had to sit through hours reading the most harrowing tales of violence inflicted on man by man. " - FaSa

See https://themaclive.com/shows/paddy-mccann

See also www.woundsthatbind.com

Image courtesy of the artist and The Mac, Belfast. 
Photograph by Simon Mills.

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