Exhibition Review - Spazio Visivo (paolo cavinato, stefano trevisi): 'Beyond Sight' Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, London till Sep 26th 2015

Image of  'Teatrino Drop' with  exhibition review

Spazio Visivo are master puppeteers 
of exquisite cinematic absence.
Et quid amabo nisi quod aenigma est? ("What shall I love if not the enigma?")—this question, is inscribed by italian painter Giorgio de Chirico as a young artist on his self-portrait in 1911).
-Drenched Co

Comment: "I only saw little theaters everywhere but the most fascinating of them was Teatrino Drops (the view of which is pictured) " - Raj

See http://rosenfeldporcini.com/exhibitions/24/overview

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Image courtesy of the artists and Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, London. 
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