Exhibition Review - David Blandy: 'HERCULES : ROUGH CUT' Bloomberg SPACE, London till 19th Sept 2015.

Image of Bloomberg Space with exhibition review by Drenched Co

Blandy drip-dropped up for the city
with his startling audacity.
He did a divine turn..
He did a divine turn..
Please enter blood and press return!
-Drenched Co.
(read to the tune of  Drip Drop (Feat, Yazz and Serayah Mc Neill) -Empire Cast - Original Soundtrack from Season 1).

Comment: "It was genius, awkward, times roman, street, rough with smooth fingers and dark, flashy and head-spinningly good. Quesy-divine!" - JayZee

See http://www.bloombergspace.com/artists/upcoming/david-blandy/

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Image courtesy the artist and Bloombergspace.
Supplied caption: Installation view of 'Hercules: Rough Cut', David Blandy, 2015 Photo credit: 'Dave Morgan Photography, 2015'

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