Exhibition Review - John Divola, Cyprien Gaillard, Beatrice Gibson, Michail Pirgelis, Daniel Turner: 'Under a falling sky' Laura Bartlett Gallery, London till 5th June 2016.

Under a falling sky,
crack history into a wreckage of words.
- Drenched Co.

Comment: "For me, this show builds on the conversations around the brilliant 'Drawn by its own memory' exhibition at the same gallery earlier this year. See our review here. How do we make objects talk to us and tell us things that might surprise us? In this exhibition, Divola leads a star-studded cast into the Benjaminian and Heideggerian project that wants you to consider the thingness of things by tearing them out of their context. When unanchored, objects pose new questions and bring about interesting new reinterpretations as they direct our attention to slippages in the text inscribed on the 'countenance' of 'nature-history'. Divola's diptychs and Pirgelis' plane parts are especially intriguing. Fabulous!" - FaSa

See http://www.laurabartlettgallery.com/exhibitions/under-the-falling-sky/

See also http://www.woundsthatbind.com/2016/05/exhibition-review-john-divola-cyprien.html

Caption: Image above: Installation view  Laura Bartlett Gallery, London 2016 
Image courtesy of the artists and Laura Bartlett Gallery, London.
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