Exhibition Review - Lisha Bai, Ryan Lauderdale, Hannah Levy, Michael Jones McKean, Wyatt Niehaus, Kate Steciw and Chris Wiley: 'Dense Mesh' Carroll / Fletcher, London till 25th May 2016.

Image of Carroll / Fletcher, London with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

What more a conduit but a promise of a connection,
for a harvest of life in glitched consonants;
what else is a thing suspended in action,
but an ordered world in still dissonance.
- Drenched Co.

Comment: "'Dense Mesh' is a brilliantly conceived show with some extraordinary young American artists bringing into question philosophies which privilege the human being over things.  For such a project, Flusser is an apt choice. He does not speak of a yearning for a return back to a humanist past but suggests we accept our modern apparatuses and learn from and through them to a new measure of freedom. The artists in this show attempt in their own way to break into and subvert their programming to expand the agency of things and to give primacy to creative movements through processes, flows and transformations. And, by so doing, they bring back life to a world of things and free them from servitude. I loved loved Ryan Lauderdale's constructions!" - FaSa

See http://www.carrollfletcher.com/exhibitions/53/overview/

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Caption: Image above: Installation view 'Dense Mesh'  Carroll / Fletcher, London 2016 
Image courtesy of the artists and Carroll / Fletcher, London. Curated by Joshua Citarella.
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