Exhibition Review - Jonathan Trayte: 'SCHUSSBOOMER' at Castor Projects, London till 27th January 2017.

Image of Castor Projects, London with art exhibition review by Drenched Co.

In the kingdom of the saccharine, 
we spot the rising gleam of a carnival,
and the vicissitudes of its charm."- Drenched Co.

Notes:  "Jonathan Trayte's sweet seductions, spoken in glossy paint, natural forms and unnatural ornamentations, along the face of our complex relationship with food, takes a turn in his latest exhibition at Castor Projects. When once all he touched us with was a song of form and a trumpetry of hues, arranging and rearranging the shape of our desires, he now exhorts us with a carnival of every digressive ornamentation and funfair, from the the simple pleasure in a coin's clunk in a slot that turns into a little carnival to the distractions of a rickety landscapes of Planet ZumZee. But how else will you support the weight of the weightless, the slippages in the ideas of beauty that appeals to our fleshy universes? Perhaps he is onto something. Fabulous!" - JayZee

See http://castorprojects.co.uk/schussboomer

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Caption: Image above: Installation view  Jonathan Trayte   Castor Projects, London  2017.
Copyright Jonathan Trayte. Courtesy Castor Projects, London. 

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